e innovazione

and innovation

Over 30 years of experience in electric ovens has made Tronik the most economical and reliable oven of its kind: Tronik uses a unique power control system for reducing the installed power and energy consumption like no other.

Over 40% energy savings thanks to innovative technology which guarantees maximum use of all the heat produced, avoiding waste and dispersion while giving excellent baking results with continual oven loading and unloading.

REDUCED CONSUMPTION 1,8 kWh/h/m² and a wide range from which to choose, from 4,7 m² to 25m².

Intuitive and easy to use contro l unit which allows the user not only to adjust the temperature, but also control the power and its distribution between the oven ceiling and floor.

Reduced overall dimensions and the possibility of installing the oven between three walls as all maintenance operations can be carried out from the front.

Easy installation thanks to its fully modular structure, a 60 cm opening is more than enough for getting the oven into the bakery workshop. The oven requires only one steam evacuation duct fitted with a stainless steel dual-speed extractor fan for forced extraction. It is designed to take two ducts, if required, one for the extractor hood and one for the baking chambers.

Double lighting with 24 V halogen lamps with cooling ducts for longer lamp life. Double decompression valve in oven mouth for optimum steam distribution in the baking chamber.

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