new square divider 10/20 pieces

✓ Built-in flour dispenser
✓ Managing tamping pressure and time
✓ Automatic tamping and cutting cycle
✓ Automatic dough decompression cycle
✓ Automatic raising of dough pieces on opening cover or grid
✓ Automatic grid holder fastening system
In-tank dividing up to 900 pieces/hour
Dividing-moulding up to 3000 pieces/hour*
*depending on the type of grid used
Automatic divider-moulder
For better degassi cutting pressure and tamping pressure.


Tank dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 460 x 387 x 125
Dimensions of pressing plates (L x W) in mm 115 x 75
Min/max weight of dough pieces in grams 150/950
Tank capacity in kg 19
Min / max weight in grams in 10-division position 300/1,900
Motor power rating in kW 1.5
Net weight in kg (including frame) 285
Managing tamping pressure and time
Automatic dough decompression cycle
Automatic knife retraction
Tank knife cleaning mode
Flour anti-splatter and recovery system
Stainless-steel bodywork, tank and knives


Motor type 230 V Three-phase
400 V Three-phase


10 / 20 divisions
Right or left-hand side grid storage
Half-grid pressure plate
Motor type: 230-380 V three-phase 60 Hz
Wooden crate packaging (net price)
Training, 2 days (net price)*